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November Newsletter

November 1,2023

Dear Covenant Partners

This month’s newsletter on the Blood!!!

What a awesome price to paid to get us!! He shed his blood for our salvation, healing, and our prosperity its was all taken care of on the cross, when he said it’s finished that’s exactly what he meant it’s finished !!!!

Therefore brethren since we have full freedom and confidence to enter the (Holy of) Holies(by the power and virtue) in the blood of Jesus . Hebrews 10:19

When you died you go to heaven, it shouldn’t be the first time you have been there Hebrews 10:19

If the blood of Jesus has the power to remove my sin from the mind of God, it has the power to purge my conscious and remove the remembrance of sin from my mind.

Find out what Scripture teaches about the blood, you will see that faith in the blood can produce greater results in you than you have ever known.And in the future, a ceaseless blessing may be yours. But you must live in constant view of the blood of Jesus to see those results! It’s not enough just to believe in the blood you to have knowledge of it. There must be an application of it .

In the old testament , the children of Israel applied blood to the doorpost of their houses in Egypt. God told them,” When I see the blood , I’ll pass overt you.” Notice He said , “I’m just looking for the blood. “He did’t say, “I’m looking for your talent, or how educated you are , are how pretty you are , God said I’m just looking for the blood. (Read Exod.12 and Psa.105:37)

Read Romans 3:25 You need faith in the blood, through faith in the blood , we have a propitiation. The blood alone has done everything

I thank God for the blood that washed me white as snow, there is power in the blood Jesus blood covered it all , no matter what you need it has already been done thru his blood.

Love Never faileth

Dale Begley World Outreach

Nov. 12 thru 15th The Church at Powell Valley. Pastor Randy Stevens

11502 Anderson Road 1-812- 309-3189

Shoals, Indiana

Nov 19-thru 22. Creekside Fellowship Church Pastor Mike Abarnaty

585 Old Alabama Road SE. 1-770-548-5381

Carterville, Georgia

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