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December Newsletter

December 1,2023

Dear Covenant Partners

This month’s newsletter is on Divine Love not Human Love !

Feed your faith and feed your love walk. When you step out of love you step off of God’s property.

When you step out of love you step over on the devil’s property an into sin!

Faith works by love (divine love ) therefore when you step out of love ; your faith stops working .

I Cor. 13:13 Love walks in his authority Love has no enemy (divine) Love works in all realms, if you stop walking in love your faith will stop.

Eph. 3:17 Fullness of God is in the love flow. Don’t develop a offense to anyone walk in love .

Mark 11:22-25 Have faith in God!!!!! Have faith in God!!!! Things will obey you so start talking to them. Just make sure you are in Love’s territory ! When we step out of love we are taking steps in sin territory! The word says anything that’s not faith is sin! So that gives satan access to you! So become skillful in your faith walk & your love walk. You do this on a daily basic by practice! The most skillful athlete must practice to maintain a sharp winning edge! When you develop your love walk you see people differently you see them the way God sees them.

Love is giving and serving love turns us into doers Praise God !! Jesus is the love gift to the world.I want you to think about this if you are putting yourself first then you are not walking in God’s love .

We here at Dale Begley World Outreach want to wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas And A Very Bless New year

Love Never Faileth

Dale Begley


Preaching Different Places It will be on our Facebook Page

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