June Newsletter

Dear Covenant Partner

This month’s letter is about Take The Limits Off Of God

You need to put your trust in God alone , not want other people are saying about your situation. God has already met every need you will every have believe his word!!!!! How to take the limits off? Its renewing your mind to his word, say what the word says about you , you can have what you can believe for.

You need to have the God kind of faith just believe he has already done everything for us just receive !!!!! Take The Limits Off

Some people say if I do this or that God will do this but in reality God has done everything you will every need or want just Take The Limits Off !!! He’s your father just ask and receive he loves us that much he has already provided everything don’t put a limit on him, God loves us so much .

Just say this today out loud Im taking the limits off of God everything I need in this life has already been provided for me !!!!! My God is not small he’s a big God and he lives inside of me, there is nothing too big for God !!! Im free today from limits Amen !!


June 19-22 Lighthouse Christian Fellowship. 9980 E.550 S OaklandCity, Ind. Pastor Joseph Collins 1-812-677-6081

June 23( Healing service) Stonegate Faith Center 134 M.St. Bedford, Ind. pastor Marty Spadling 1-812-797-7854

June 24-26 Cornerstone Family Church 193 North Cross Campbellburg, Ind Pastor Tim Voohies 1-812-583-1059

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