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July newsletter

July 4. 2022

Dear Covenant Partner,

Im coming to you this month with a word. When Jesus went to the cross his work on earth was finished. He told is disciples I’ll go away, but I will send back another comforter which is the Hply Ghost . Thank God for the Holy Ghost that guides us in all we do ,if we call on him and ask him and when we go thru stuff he’s there to comfort us !!!!!!!

What a awesome God we serve!!!!!! He sent Jesus to died for us and sent the Holy Ghost to guide us, he says in his word he will never leave us or forsake us. God loves us so much !!!! We need to retrain our minds to that AMEN

Today all we need to do is believe and receive it’s that simply just believe in his written word says what he says over you and you will live a great life . We need to start depending on God and what he has ( past tense) already done for us. He has all the answers and he already know everything we just need to ask and believe and receive it’s that simply. We need to retrain our minds to this it don’t come over night but it does come Praise God!!!!!

Scripture of the month Colossians 2:10 You are complete in him


July 10 thru 13 Christian Life Center. Pastor Steve Collins

Broken Bow , Nebraska. 1-308-872-5523

July 16 & 17. Estes Park International Pastor Mark Wettengel

Estes Parks, Colorado 720-561-94-91

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