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September Newsletter

September 1,2023

Dear Covenant Partners

This month’s newsletter is on healing

Keith Moore has 101 healing scriptures wrote out, all you have to do is go over to google and download them to your device. He did all the work all we have to do is receive it that’s pretty simple. We need to read them until we get them down in our Spirit it works !!!!!!

I got ahold of these about 5 years ago so when I get a symptom of something I go and pull those words of God up in me until that symptom is gone ! Because the healing has (past tense) already took place. We serve a awesome God he has done everything for us , we just need to receive it what he has done, it’s pretty simple when you renew your mind to what he has said in his word.

So I was impressed in my Spirit to let you know about the healing scriptures it takes about 7 minutes out of your morning to read them It’s worth it.

The one I bring up the most in my Spirit is he’s my doctor he’s all I need he takes good care of me with no side effects Praise God !!!!! Matt.9:12

So I encourage you today to download it and read it daily until you can quote it ! When something comes on you ; you already got that word inside of you to speak over that situation.

I thank god every morning for a healthy body and a sound mind. I’m learning to listen to my Spirit and change some things to live a long prosperous and healthy life God wants us healthy and prosperous !! 3 John 1:2 Beloved , I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thou soul prospereth

Love never faileth

Dale Begley


September 8th thru 18th Preaching in Canada

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