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September Newsletter

September 1,2022

Dear Covenant Partners

This month is on Relationship. Relationship means the way in which two or more concept, object or people are connected . Having a intimate relationship with God. God wants a close personal relationship with us, no matter how many mistakes we have made, he is always ready to accept us. A real relationship with God is letting him lead us thru life, this enables us to go with joy and peace. To have a relationship with God you first have to believe God loves you. Walking with him daily and spending time in his presence allows us to immerse ourselves in his love, entering into a relationship like this guarantees that we’ll never be the same. You got to know God’s word to have a relationship with him, you have to know him personally on a daily basic , talk to him daily; the more you talk with him the better relationship you will have, when he speaks you will know his voice and a stranger you will not follow, Praise God !!!!

Most of the time, how you treat people is how you treat God!!! You need the love of God flowing thru you to have a good relationship with God and people people don’t want you to come to them only when you need something or someone to talk to, they want you in their lives on a personal level, we all want that ,if we don’t have that we feel like the person is using us, God wants to be involved in our lives . Amen

Start today and put God first in your life and talk to him on a daily basic and see change in your life

I encourage you to read Matthew 6:33 Put God first and you will see a big difference in your life and your family and friends around you Praise God !!!!!!

We will br preaching around Oklahoma in the month of September , as the Lord leads

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