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March/April 2020

Dear Covenant Partners

We are doing our best to share with you what the Spirit of God is sharing with us. Many things God is showing us is a step up from tradition teaching. However if we the body of Christ are ever going to mature, we need to preach not only the milk of the word, but also the meat. In the book of Ephesians 4:15 it says speaking the truth in love may grow up. If you back up to verse 11 and 12 it tells us that the five fold ministry was given to perfect (mature) the saints for the work of the ministry The Father’s heart; his desire even though he loves babies he wants us to grow up.Yes mature sons and daughters is his ultimate goal, verse 13 says to the knowledge of the son of God, unto a perfect man. So we preach and teach spreading the word of God every way we can.

We are now changing from CD and white mail to a link, you click on thru your email this will allow us to send more messages and serve you better, Please have patience with us as we shift over

Thank you for believing and supporting our ministry. You can send your support thru Paypal just go to our website: Dale Begley World Outreach .org and click PayPal Thank You Very Much Together we can touch the world for Jesus!!!!


March 8th - 11th

Set Free Ministries - Joe Hudgens

404 West Pridemore Lincoln, AR


March 29th - April 1st

Oasis - Don Sing

Lebanon, Mo Hwy 32


April 12th - 15th

Lighthouse Christian Fellowship. - Joseph Collins

Somerville, Ind


April 16th - 18th

Cornerstone.Church. - Tim Voorhies

Campbellburg, Ind


April 19th ( Sun, Morn Only).

Stonegate. - Jan & Marty Spaulding

Bedford, Ind.


April 26th

Miller Chapel - Josh James

Cartersville, Ga.


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