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July Newsletter

July  1,2024

Dear Covenant Partners

This month’s newsletter is on the meaning of the Anointing !!!!

The anointing is the indwelling presence the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer.  It enables  the believer to understand , apply, and administer spiritual truth. Simply put, the presence of the Anointing enables believers to have a spiritual connection, The Holy Spirit indwells us and allows us to connect to the spiritual realm so we can receive and understand spiritual data as it is transferred  from heaven to earth. The spiritual receptively that comes as a results of the Anointing allows us to maintain fellowship with God because of the presence of the Holy Spirit.

The Anointing allows us to discern truth from error. It is a detector that allows us to know right from wrong. Read the book of 1 John was addressed to christians in danger of being susceptible to wrong information from false teachers. John wanted believers  to know that they had The Anointing of the presence of the Holy Spirit. While the Anointing may not be fully operating or fully utilized, he wanted believers to understand that they still possessed The Anointing provided by the Spirit of God!!!!!

The Anointing gives everything we need to progress through life and gives access to God’s divine wisdom. Wisdom starts with the fear of God. The presence of the Holy Spirit the always on and available connection to God that we need for living .The Anointing also equips us for Christian service because it enables us to minster to others.

The Anointing requires fellowship with God through the practice of abiding in order to pick up the signals in the spiritual realm, you’ve  got to be close in contact with God. What you hear , you must obey if the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth. He will not operate in an environment were there is no truth at work. Enjoying the fulness of the Spirit’s anointing also require living in love .

                                                                                         Love Never Faileth

                                                                                         Dale Begley


Month Of July Going to camp meetings And  Preaching around Oklahoma it will be on my Facebook Page

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