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January/February 2020

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

We have a message on this month’s CD called “Stir Up Your Faith

In the book of Peter it says we have obtained like precious faith ( 2 Peter 1:1) Faith is the bridge that reaches into the Spirit realm and brings the (salvation, healing and prosperity) whatever you’re  believing for into the physical realm. You see when you ask God for healing he does not have to have Jesus striped again, no in the Spirit realm you and I are already healed . This is true with ever need you have are will ever have. The need was provided in Jesus from the foundation of the world. Our job is to believe whether we can see it are feel it , it is real in the Spirit realm. When you and I received Jesus, salvation was provided for us before we were ever born. The book of Acts says in 17:28 in him we live and move and have our being. The father has provided everything we could possible ask or think according to the Power that is active ( worketh)  in us Eph. 3:20, now follow that up Phil 3:9 being found In Him not having mine own righteousness: well if I don’t have mine whose righteousness do I have?

We Have Jesus Righteousness !!!!  The only way to go to heaven is thru what Jesus has done not what we have done. To be saved you must believe that Jesus died ( not you) and God raised him from the dead.

For  by grace are we saved thru faith and that not of ourselves it is the gift of God ( Eph. 2:8)

So Stir Up Your Faith and Receive All That God Has For You !!!!!!

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Please listen to this month’s CD on “Stir Up Your Faith”

Looking forward to see you face to face in one of our revivals , we pray for you our partners every day for God’s favor to rest upon you and your family.

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