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May Newsletter


Dear Covenant Partners

This month’s newsletter is on” Renewing your mind to the word of God”

You have to have faith thoughts so that’s why you renew your mind to the word of God . God talks to you thru his word! The bible says in Mark the 11 chapter, you can have what you say, Let the word teach you the right way to speak! Just say what the word says about the subject ! In Roman’s chapter 12 it tells us to renew our mind to the word of God. As you do it will change your very day speech! Change your Mind ! , Change your Thinking! Change your Life!

When you find out what God thinks and say about you and he loves you and he will never leave you , like the old saying says “you can take hell with a water pistol “

Read 2 Corinthians 10:5 about “ Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God , and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ .

I’m learning to say what God said in the word and do what God did, I’m living a better life then ever by renewing my mind and changing my thoughts , how I think about things and people, God didn’t tell me to judge he told me to love like him! By finding out who you are in Christ and what Jesus has already did for you brings you peace and joy that you have never known. “ Ask me how I know” cause it’s happening to me. By renewing my mind to the word of God, I have became a new person I see things like God , I see things and I learning to love like him, I’m more hungry today then I have ever been in my life .I know today by renewing my mind to the word of God, when I read the word he is talking to me directly , not to tell somebody else, but for me to do it, he loves me so much he wants the best for me and that’s his word. The best thing about this God has already done the work all we have to do his to receive it, that’s pretty simple , if you renew the mind.

So I guess what I’m saying this month to our partners , renewing your mind to God’s word, you will live a better and more prosperous life and be a better person, and you will as God intended!!! ABUNDANTLY!!!!

Love never Faileth

Dale Begley


This month Preaching in Canada

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